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Xiaomi yi 4k English firmware

1.) Stáhneme si nový FW z odkazu níže
2.) Z archivu vyndáme(odzipujeme) pouze soubor s koncovkou *.bin
3.) Zkopírujeme nový FW na prázdnou SD kartu
4.) Do vypnuté kamery zasuneme MicroSD kartu a spustíme kameru - FW se začne aktualizovat. Po cca 50s je hotovo.

Aktuální firmware 1.10.9:


Vylepšení stability firmware a překladu Thajštiny

Firmware 1.10.7:


Optimized the function of the album, supports multi file view and management, the operation is more convenient.
Optimized image effect, the image is no longer yellowish in Tungsten.




Adds Voice Command function Adjusted the timestamp format Improved the accuracy of battery indicator Improved the probability of being able to upgrade firmware without a battery Optimized the video sound in some scenarios, such as Bar, Concert Optimized the stability of album Optimized the indoor color effects of the image Reduced the space lost on SD Card after doing big recordings Reduced the probability of frame skipping when opening the Auto-light





Added Italian Language
Added French Language
Added Wi-Fi AP mode support

Reduced ghost artifact in low light
Improved file system, support folder has more than 1,000 files.
Optimized file recovery function




Added German language

Optimized SD card compatibility
Optimized album feature
Optimized accuracy of battery indicator

Fixed the issue of mode switching when connected to phone





v1.7.8 Added Slow Motion resolution choice, supports 1920x1080 and 1280x720

Added new frame rates for certain resolutions, supports 4K/24FPS, 2.7K/24FPS, 2.7K/48FPS, 1920x1440/24FPS, 1920x1440/48FPS, 1920x1080/24FPS, 1920x1080/48FPS

Added DNG for Time Lapse Photo Mode when it is set to Continuous Added Mode Switch, Normal Mode, Current Mode for Bluetooth Controller

Added shutter speed choice for Photo, Timer and Time Lapse Photo Mode, supports 1/500s, 1/125s, 1/30s, 1/8s, 1/2s and 1s

Added the battery percentage display

Optimized the album user experience

Optimized SD card compatibility

Optimized image effect, improved high contrast

Optimized Live Streaming feature and removed watermark Fixed EXIF time stamp bug

Fixed the “Bluetooth pairing failure” issue